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Westland Michigan Public Library Although officially a little more than a quarter of a century old, Westland's history goes back much further. Three Algonquin tribes - Potawatomi, Ojibwa, and Ottawa - met each year on the middle fork of the Rouge River at the site of Nankin Mills to establish hunting territories. In 1824, territorial Governor William Cass created Bucklin Township, which covered the cities now known as Westland, Livonia, Wayne and Garden City. Bucklin Township was later divided into Nankin and Livonia Townships. In 1966, shortly after the neighboring city of Wayne was incorporated, what was left of Nankin Township became the city of Westland.

Centrally located in western Wayne County, Michigan's tenth largest city has easy access to a number of the metro area's major highways, downtown Detroit, and the Detroit Metropolitan Airport. The city has developed a reputation for affordable housing with room for growth. Most homes in the city are valued under $100,000; about two-thirds of the residences are single family homes and one-third are multiple unit complexes. New construction, mostly of moderate to higher priced homes (up to $300,000), continues to out-pace the metro area average as in-fill housing makes it possible for current residents to remain in the community, trading up as their standard of living increases. Much of this construction is in the northwest corner of the city where hundreds of condominiums and single-family homes are being built.

Availability of shopping is a major advantage. Westland Center, one of the nation's four original malls built in the 1960's, has become the city's major shopping magnet. The Center itself houses more than 125 stores and is the anchor for many nearby smaller centers. The shopping opportunities draw customers from a 30+ mile radius.

Like most well-established communities, Westland has an excellent infrastructure and an abundance of city services and activities. Many neighborhoods have well-maintained parks; the city's total park system comprises more than 1,000 acres, including the Middle Rouge Parkway which cuts through the community and contains Newburgh Lake and a portion of the 17-1/2 mile scenic Edward Hines Drive. The William Holliday Forest and Wildlife Preserve, Wayne County's only wildlife preserve, covers over 500 acres of the city. Many activities and classes for residents of all ages are available year-round through the city's Parks and Recreation Department.

. Demographics
1990 Census Data
. Housing Characteristics
1990 Census Data
. Total population
Total population (1980)
% Change 1980 to 1990
Total households
Total households (1980)
% Change 1980 to 1990
Average family size
Total families
Per capita income
Median household income
Median age
. 84,724
. Total housing units
Owner occupied
% of total occupied
Median housing value
Average sale price 1997
Renter occupied
Median contract rent

*1997 Average sales price
information obtained from
real estate sales data
. 35,514
. Major Employers and
# of Employees (1995)
. Total
Labor Force
. Hudson's
Annapolis Hospital-Westland
Davidson Interior Trim
JC Penney
Plastipak Packaging
Meijer Inc.
. 500
. 1990
2000 (projected figure)
2005 (projected figure)
. 24,650
. Medical Facilities . Major Highways
. Annapolis Hospital - Westland
Garden City Osteopathic
Henry Ford Medial Center - Westland
St. Mary's Hospital - Livonia
. US-12 (Michigan Ave)
M-153 (Ford Road)
Interstate 275
Interstate 96 (to the north)
. Westland Library .
. William P. Faust Library . 6123 Central City Parkway . 734-326-6123 .
. Westland Municipal Services .
. City Hall
Mayor's Office
Police Department
Fire Department
Building Department
City Assessor
City Treasurer
Water Department
Dept. of Community Develop.
Senior Residence
. 36601 Ford Road
36601 Ford Road
36701 Ford Road
37201 Marquette
37095 Marquette
36601 Ford Road
36601 Ford Road
37095 Marquette
32715 Dorsey
1119 N.Newburg
. 734-467-3188
. Utilities .
. Electric
. Detroit Edison
Michigan Consolidated Gas
Media One
. 800-477-4747

Westland Public School Districts
There are five school districts in Westland. The largest, encompassing over 70% of the city, is the Wayne/Westland School District. it also includes students from Canton, Wayne and Inkster. Students living in a portion of the northern end of Westland attend Livonia School District. Parts of the Taylor and Inkster school districts are located in the far southeastern "tail" end of Westland. A very small number of students in the city attend school in the Garden City School District.

Follow these links for information about Westland School Districts
Wayne/Westland School District
Garden City School District
Livonia School District
For information about the Taylor School District, call (734) 374-1200
For information about the Inkster School District, call (734) 722-5310

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