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When SELLING your home, the most important thing you need to consider is...

What is home marketing and why is it so important?
-When you hire an agent that has a well defined, proven home marketing plan, the benefits to you could result in a quicker home sale at a higher selling price.

Marketing your home means many things. Statistics show that the majority of home sales are brought about through the MLS and the cooperation of other real estate agents. Therefore, rallying the support of all the other agents that sell homes in the area plays an important role in a good marketing plan.

Exposing your home to the many qualified buyers that are currently in the market is also an integral part of any good marketing plan. However, creating exposure for your home is one thing, enticing those buyers into actually previewing your home is another. A good marketing plan can mean the difference between a simple drive-by or an actual home showing. Once you have a buyer that wants to see the inside your home, a good marketing plan should also include many ambient factors that are specifically designed to help a potential buyer perceive the value of your home. In addition, the right marketing strategies will help to bring attention to your home's features and amenities - setting it apart from your competition.

Unfortunately (for home sellers), most real estate agents still believe that all they have to do to market your home is to put a sign in your yard, place an ad in the paper, and submit your home's listing to the local MLS (multiple listing service).

While these common marketing techniques are still necessary, they represent only a small fraction of the Home Marketing Services available to Home Sellers today.

Having spent the first 16 years of my professional career in the Advertising and Marketing business, it seemed only natural to apply that knowledge and experience to my real estate career.

During my 11 year career in the real estate business, Steve Hatfield's Multi-Media Home Marketing SystemI have developed, tested, and implemented many unique and innovative Home Marketing Programs. As a result, I am now able to offer my clients one of the most comprehensive and effective Home Marketing Systems ever developed for the real estate industry.

Steve Hatfield's exclusive Multi-Media Home Marketing System combines the latest State-Of-The-Art Print, Broadcast, and Electronic media to give your home MAXIMUM MARKET EXPOSURE!

If you expect to receive TOP DOLLAR for your home in today's real estate market, you'll need a competitive edge. Steve Hatfield's Multi Media Home Marketing SystemTM will give you the competitive edge you need! Why Settle For Less?

When you pay a real estate agent to provide you with a professional service, doesn't it make sense to get the best service possible for your money?

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