Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home
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Many houses and apartments built before 1978 have paint that contains lead (called lead-based paint). Lead from paint, chips, and dust can pose serious health hazards if not taken care of properly.

Federal law requires that individuals receive certain information before renting, buying, or renovating pre-1978 housing:

. LANDLORDS have to disclose known information on lead-based paint hazards before leases take effect. Leases will include a federal form about lead-based paint.

SELLERS have to disclose known information on lead-based paint hazards before selling a house. Sales contracts will include a federal form about lead-based paint in the building. Buyers will have up to 10 days to check for lead hazards.

RENOVATORS have to give you the pamphlet entitled "Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home" before starting work.

IF YOU WANT more information on these requirements, call the National Lead Information Clearinghouse at 1-800-424-LEAD.

If you think your home might have lead hazards, read the following
pages to learn some simple steps to protect your family.

paintbrush Important Lead-Based Paint Facts*
How Lead Enters and Affects Our Bodies*
Check Your Family for Lead*
Where Lead-Based Paint Can Be Found*
Where Lead Is Likely To Be A Hazard*
Checking Your Home for Lead Hazards*
What You Can Do Now to Protect Your Family*
How to Significantly Reduce Lead Hazards*
Remodeling or Renovating a Home with Lead-Based Paint*
Other Sources of Lead*
For More Information*
State Health and Environmental Agencies*

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. All lead hazard information contained herein reproduced from the United States Environmental Protection Agency booklet entitled "Protect Your Family From Lead in Your Home". Co-Authored by the U.S. EPA and the U.S. CPSC, Washington, D.C. Information on this web site pertaining to lead hazards is based upon current scientific and technical understanding of the issues presented and is reflective of the jurisdictional boundaries established by the statutes governing the co-authoring agencies. Following the advice given will not necessarily provide complete protection in all situations or against all health hazards that can be caused by lead exposure.
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