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Extensive as it is, a home inspection is not all inclusive. Depending on your level of concern and the location of the house, you may want to consider the following optional services which generally can be performed in conjunction with the home inspection:

- Radon Testing
photoAccording to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. The radioactive gas, commonly found in the soil, has become a major health concern for home buyers. Make sure the inspector is familiar with EPA protocols and uses only approved equipment.
- Water Analysis
Some 84% of Americans surveyed in a Harris poll believe their water supply at home is polluted and, according to the EPA, nearly 70% are concerned specifically about the quality of their drinking water. Some home inspection companies now provide water quality analysis, but it is important that they utilize only laboratories certified by the EPA or the Health Department. It is advisable to test for lead, bacteria (such as cryptosporidium), and in some rural areas, nitrates and coliforms.
- Carbon Monoxide Testing
This "silent killer" may be an issue in homes using fossil fuels (oil and natural gas). Carbon monoxide can be detected only with an analyzer. A clear and working ventilation system minimizes the effects of the gas, so have your inspector check it. For additional protection, install a carbon monoxide detector.
- Energy Assessment
One valuable and money saving service offered by leading home inspection companies is an energy assessment. It determines major areas of energy use and waste while suggesting steps that could save you hundreds of dollars annually in utility bills. It also helps protect the environment.
- Termite Inspection
Although a pest inspection is no guarantee that termites will not infest your home in the future, will provide a "wood-destroying pest and dry rot" report on any existing threat. Beware of termite inspectors who are also exterminators and/or provide repairs.
- Lead Paint Testing
photoUnder Title X legislation home buyers are entitled to test for the presence of high levels of lead paint in homes built prior to 1978. Lead paint can cause health and developmental problems for small children if the paint is deteriorated or if it is present in dust. Ask your home inspector what options they may offer for testing for lead in paint.

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