Home Inspection Guide For Buyers and Sellers . Preparing For A Home Inspection

photo If you, as the seller, have arranged to have your home inspected, you should plan to accompany the inspector during the entire process. If it is a buyer initiated inspection, it would be preferable if you (the seller) were not present. You must be notified in advance of any inspection. Ask your real estate agent what the best procedure is in regards to scheduling your home inspection. This way it can be scheduled for a date and time that is convenient for both the seller and buyer, as well as allowing the seller enough time to make preparations.
Whether the home inspection has been arranged by you, as the seller, or by the buyer, you can take several preparatory steps which will benefit you and facilitate the inspection process:

1. Make sure the inspector can access all areas of the house.
.Clear all furniture, boxes, clothes, toys and other personal items that may block access to the furnace, water heater, electrical panels, attic crawl spaces, etc. Inspectors will not enter inaccessible areas.

1. If access to your attic crawl space is located in a closet, remove clothing, shoes, and other items.
.Not only might they be in the way, but as the hatch is removed, debris (dust, insulation, loose plaster) is likely to fall from the ceiling onto items left in the closet.

1. If you are expecting a visit from an inspector and prospective buyer:
- Make sure that filters are clear in air conditioners, heaters, vents, drains, etc..
- Clear out areas under sinks so they can be inspected..
- Have the house cleaned thoroughly..

The fewer problems an inspector finds with the property, the better overall image the property presents to the prospective buyer. Obviously, it is to your advantage if the buyer hears the inspector saying, "Everything on this property is right except for a couple little issues here and there," rather than hearing a long fist of concerns.

The home inspector may override your timers (such as automatic sprinklers, outdoor lighting, etc.). You should check them after the inspection to ensure they are reset properly.

Remember to allow two to three hours for the home inspection.

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