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Dearborn Heights Michigan City Hall Dearborn Heights is a neighborly, low key city of just under 60,000 residents. Dearborn Heights was known as Dearborn Township until it was finally incorporated in 1963, in an effort to maintain its identity. Over the years the cities and villages in the township had annexed bits and pieces until the township itself consisted of two physically separated areas. A corridor connecting the two was included in the incorporation papers and accounts for the unusual barbell configuration of the city.

The first settlers in what is today Dearborn Heights arrived around 1816. In 1824, the first school was built of logs on a farm belonging to Joseph Hickcox, a Methodist preacher and circuit rider. It became known as "the Little Red School House" and was the site of the first Dearborn Township meeting. Although the school continued to exist, it was modified over the years. Now it has been restored to its early structure and local school children can experience an 1880's school day using McGuffy Readers, slate boards and slate pencils.

Dearborn Heights is located within a fifteen minute drive of Detroit Metropolitan Airport and has easy access to the Interstate 94 and 96 freeways. With its pleasant, well-maintained residential streets, it has been tagged a "bedroom community." This does not bother its citizens who see it as a neighborly, clean and convenient place to live.

. Demographics
1990 Census Data
. Housing Characteristics
1990 Census Data
. Total population
Total population (1980)
% Change 1980 to 1990
Total households
Total households (1980)
% Change 1980 to 1990
Average family size
Total families
Per capita income
Median household income
Median age
. 60,838
. Total housing units
Owner occupied
% of total occupied
Median housing value
Average sale price 1997
Renter occupied
Median contract rent

*1997 Average sales price
information obtained from
real estate sales data
. 23,939
. Major Employers and
# of Employees (1995)
. Total
Labor Force
. Farmer Jack
. 300
. 1990
2000 (projected figure)
2005 (projected figure)
. 16,788
. Medical Facilities . Major Highways
. Oakwood Hospital-Dearborn
Henry Ford Hospital-Dearborn
Garden City Osteopathic Hospital
Heritage Hospital-Taylor
. Interstate 94 and 96
M-39 (Southfield Rd)
US-24 (Telegraph Rd)
US-12 (Michigan Ave)
M-153 (Ford Road)
. Dearborn Heights Libraries .
. Caroline Kennedy Library
John F. Kennedy Jr. Library
. 24590 George Street
24602 Van Born Road
. 313-791-3800
. Dearborn Heights Municipal Services .
. Mayor's Office
Police Department
Fire Headquarters
Building Department
City Assessor
City Treasurer
Water Department
Department of Public Works
Berwyn Center (Seniors)
Garbage Collection Info
Licenses - Pets & Businesses
. 6045 Fenton
6045 Fenton
1999 Beech Daly
6045 Fenton
6045 Fenton
6045 Fenton
6045 Fenton
24600 Van Born
26155 Richardson
. 313-791-3490
. Dearborn Heights Utilities .
. Electric
. Detroit Edison
Michigan Consolidated Gas
. 800-477-4747

Dearborn Heights Public School Districts
There are five school districts in Dearborn Heights. The Crestwood School District encompasses most of northern Dearborn Heights, west of Telegraph and north of Cherry Hill. Students who live east of Telegraph and north of Ford Road attend the Dearborn School District. The Westwood School District includes most of central Dearborn Heights from Cherry Hill south to Van Born Road and West of Telegraph Road. Half of its students are from the neighboring city of Inkster. Dearborn Heights District #7 encompasses the southern part of the city east of Telegraph Road. The Taylor School District includes a very small portion of southwest Dearborn Heights, south of Annapolis, north of Van Born, east of Inkster Road, and west of John Daly. Approximately 1% of the Taylor School District's students live in Dearborn Heights.

Follow these links for information about Dearborn Heights School Districts
Crestwood School District . Dearborn Heights District #7
Dearborn School District . Westwood School District

For information about the Taylor School District, call (734) 374-1200

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